Hadley Family Photographs - Page 1


Photographs of the Hadley family and relations

Nelle Hadley

    Nelle W. Hadley 1889-1988

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Hadley Family Photographs - Page 1


Each of these Hadley family photo pages contains photographs of Seth Hadley's family and his antecedents. Photographs of the family of Seth Hadley's wife Nelle Waller Hadley are contained in the pages of the Waller Family Pictures

Photographs of the families of Seth Hadley's children Ruth Mary Hadley Huffman are contained in Huffman Family Pictures and of Alida Harriet Hadley Whicker are contained in Whicker Family Pictures


Hadley Family c1891

Hadley family photograph circa 1891: seated (l to r): Paul Hadley, Smythy Hadley, Seth Hadley (standing), mother Hannah Hadley, William X. Hadley. standing: Beulah Hadley, Olive Hadley, Luther Hadley and his wife Grace Daugherty Hadley

Hadley Family 50th

Hadley 50th Anniversary family celebration 1927 (l to r): on grass: Mary Archer (3), Harriet Hadley (5), Judith Rumley (6), Edna Chapman (7), Elmer Rumley (13), Walter Wood (14), Glen Crouch (15), two unidentified, Mildred Kearns (16), Amos Shelton (18), Bernice Archer (19), Lewis Hadley (20), unidentified man, Mary Soots (22), Geneva Shirley (25), Maxine Hodson (26), Kenneth Perkins (29), Myron Hadley (30)

seated: Phoebe Stewart (1), Ella Gross (2), unidentifed girl sitting in lap, Mrs. Madden (4), Estelle Bales (8), Ida O'Dell (9), Lou (Lucinda) Wood (10), Emma Shelton (11), Nancy Crouch (12), unidentified man and girl, Florence Bailey (17), two unidentified ladies, Lena Johnson (21), unidentifed lady, Morris Joel Hadley (23), Beatrice Hadley (24), Etta Hunt (27), Martha (Mrs. John) McCollum (28)

first row standing behind: Ethel Hodge (72), unidentified lady, Edna Hodge (71), Grace Hadley (70), Irene Berry (68), Esther Hadley (69), unidentified lady, Elsie Sears (66), Marie Burns (61), Dorothy Archer (60), Ella Gambold (76), Margarite Kearns (59), unidentifed girl, Russell Burnes (57), three unidentified, Luther Hadley (53), unidentified man, Bert Hodson (51), unidentifed lady, Bill Wise (48), Ida Wise (47), Howard Mills (46), Bernice Hadley (45), Ellen B. Hadley (44), Nelle Hadley (40), Addie Christie (38), Valentine Pleasant (37), Hazen H. Pleasant (36), Ben Stephenson (35), unidentifed man and lady, Flossie Rumley holding daughter Helen (33), Edward Rumley (32), unidentified lady, John Shelton (31)

others standing behind: Lawrence VanNice (65), Lucille Haworth (64), Edwin Hadley (63), Mary Hannah Hadley (62), Waldo William Hadley (58), Rev. Leslie Bond (55), Seth Hadley (56), Hank Hodge (75), Joe Davidson (54), Jim Davidson (74), Carol Stewart (52), Clarence Kersey (49), Clifford Hadley (43), Tillman Hadley (42), Geraldine Hadley (41), Hoyt Spencer (39)


details from Hadley 50th Anniversary family celebration: Harriet Hadley (age 8 1/2), Seth Hadley (age 39), Nelle Hadley (age 37) in 1927


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