Whicker Family Photographs - Page 3


Photographs of the Whicker family and relations, Page 3

picture 6

  2014 Whicker family homecoming: standing Mike and Barbara Jane Peters, Janet Stephenson, John and Jolin Whicker, Dick Whicker, Bill Sutton. seated Suzanne and Dave Whicker, Alida Harriet Hadley Whicker, Nancy Sutton.

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Whicker Family Photographs - 3

picture 6

  Whicker ladies circa 2005: Harriet Whicker, Nancy Sutton, Barbara Jane Peters, Janet Stephenson.

picture 2

  3 June 1961: William C. Sutton marries Nancy A. Wicker at Hadley Friends, witnessed by Charles and Harriet Whicker and Richard Y. Sutton and Dorothy Little Sutton (smile everyone !)

picture 2

  17 April 1966: David Allen Whicker marries Suzanne Rutledge: standing (l to r) Rosalie Rutledge, Harriet Whicker, Suzanne Rutledge, David Whicker, Charles Whicker. next rows (l to r) Barbara Jane Whicker, Nancy Sutton, Janet Stephenson (with child perhaps Annette), Bob Stephenson, Dick Whicker, Mike Whicker, Bill Sutton

and...everyone is still celebrating fifty years later !

picture 3

  Great-Grandmother Nelle Hadley on left with Gary Sutton and baby Jay Sutton early 1968 and on right with baby Josh Whicker in 1976

picture 6

  David and Suzanne Whickers family circa 1999: standing: Suzanne and David Whicker with Doug Whicker, seated: Tim and Bonnita holding Hadley Grace Whicker, Drake Allen Whicker, Trisha holding Hannah Whicker, Steve holding Haley Whicker.

picture 11

  Seth and Carrie Whicker with children Wilson, JJ, and Keller Whicker

picture 8

  Stephenson clan circa 2011: seated: Janet and Chuck Stephenson, standing: Jacquelyn Elizabeth Stephenson, Andrea Stephenson and Luke Stephenson

picture 8

  9 June 2013: Stephanie J. Whicker and Joshua J. (Josh) Morrissette wedding - Josh's family to the left and Debbie and Dick Whicker to the right

picture 8

  circa 2011: Mike Jackson, Heather Jackson holding Lucy Jackson, Mike Peters holding Lilly Jackson, Alida Jackson, Barbara Jane Peters, Hallie Jackson, Amanda Peters holding Tillman Peters and Nathan Peters circa 2011

picture 5

  Melissa Whicker Richey holding baby Christina and Chris Richey conducting Christina's first swimming lesson

picture 8

  Michael, Charity, and Joseph Oliver circa 2007

picture 8

  Barbara Jane and Dick in about 1953 - John in about 1950 - cuties all !

picture 4

  1940 Flash: direct from National Enquirer Magazine: Nancy Whicker topless! (yes, it's true, captured by our Paparazzi - and don't forget - you saw it here first)

Isla Blue

  Harriet explains things to Eva who is carefully attentive

picture 9

  Harriet Whicker and Heather Peters with Indiana State Fair winner Nathan Peters, mom and dad Barbara Jane and Mike Peters, and Mike's mom Shirley Peters in about 1993.

picture 1

  Harriet Whicker discussing with Mike Whicker; Suzanne and Dave Whicker with Nancy in the background

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