Whicker Family Photographs - Page 4


Photographs of the Whicker family and relations, Page 4

picture 6

  circa 1999: the Whicker clan: standing: Mike Peters, Dave Whicker, Barbara Jane Peters, Suzanne Whicker, Nancy Sutton, Bill Sutton, Harriet Whicker, Jolin Whicker.
  kneeling: Dick Whicker, Janet Stephenson, John Whicker

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Whicker Family Photographs - 4

picture 6

  mid 1990s: on the steps John and David Whicker, Janet Whicker Stephenson, Barbara Jane Whicker Peters, mom Harriet Whicker, Nancy Ann Whicker Sutton

picture 6

  2000: Trisha and Steve Whicker holding future athletes Haley, Caleb, and Hannah

picture 2

  John Whicker family circa 2000: standing Julie and Eric Whicker with mom Jolin Whicker, Jennifer Whicker with dad John Whicker, Seth and Cari Whicker.
  seated: Emily Whicker, Harriet Whicker holding baby JJ Whicker and Ashley Whicker

picture 4

  student years: Dick Whicker in 1964 (age 15) as Danville High School track star; Nancy Whicker in 1960 as a Senior at Indiana University; Liz Stockwell Whicker at Purdue in 1974.

picture 14

  the Whicker clan in about 1997

Seth Cari

  15 June 1991: Timothy A. Whicker marries Bonnita K. Matsen surrounded by David and Suzanne Whicker, grandmother Harriet Whicker and a full complement of aunts, uncles, brothers Steve and Doug, and nieces and nephews.

Seth Cari

  14 October 1995: (Robert) Seth Wicker marries Cari Keller Espich following her graduation from Brigham Young University, with grandmother Harriet Whicker and proud parents John and Jolin and all the family witnessing.

Doug Abby

  27 November 1999: Douglas Wayne Whicker marries Abby Leanne Smith surrounded by Suzanne and Dave Whicker, with Trisha and Steve Whicker and Caleb, Hannah and Haley at left and Doug and Abby Whicker with Aubree Whicker, Dakota Smith, Dalton Smith at right

Dick Debbie

  October 2007: Dick and Debbie wedding: C. Richard Whicker marries Deborah K. Dewees witnessed by Harriet Whicker and both families including Dick's brothers and sisters with families

Dick 7

  Dick Whicker in October 1955 on his seventh birthday


  Barbara Jane and her All-American prize winning cow Annette in 1968

picture 14

  Peters clan in Pet Parade at Hendricks County Fairgrounds: left: Heather Peters circa 1980, center: Heather and Nathan Peters circa 1984, right: Alida Jackson in 2004

picture 14

  2004: Charity Oliver discussing her dolls with Great-Grandmother Harriet Whicker

picture 9

  Drake Allen Whicker, Hadley Grace Whicker and Cloe Rae Whicker supervising those prize animals in about 2010


  Mike Whicker in High School and in the early 1980s


  Several princesses: Hadley Whicker Indiana Jersey Queen 2014; Heather Peters (with a stern-looking guard next to her) Indiana Dairy Princess 1993,
  and mom Barbara Jane Peters, also an Indiana Dairy Princess circa 1970

picture 9

  1978: baby Nathan Peters becoming accustomed to Whicker activity: Harriet with Tim, Jay, baby Nathan, Stephanie, Annette (back turned) and Heather

picture 6

  1952: baby Mike Whicker playing with Nancy Whicker at the farm

picture 9

  2007: Harriet and Ethan Maier celebrate Hallie Jackson's fifth birthday

picture 9

  Bill Sutton's family circa 1945: father Richard Y. Sutton, mother Dorothy Little Sutton, brother Richard Sutton, grandmother Ethel Little

picture 6

  summer 1970: Timothy Allen Whicker (2 years 6 months) and Steven Seth Whicker (1 year 5 months) - They coordinate their clothes every night for the following day

picture 9

  Barbara Jane Whicker and her prize cow in 1964: Barbara Jane, Harriet, Charles Whicker, Dick Whicker; on grass: Mike Whicker with baby (Gary Sutton ?), Katherine and Bobby Junkin

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