Whicker Family Photographs - Page 1


Photographs of the Whicker family and relations, Page 1

Whickers 2006

  Wicker family at Hadley Friends meeting 2006 - "now everyone smile ! (and don't close your eyes)"

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Whicker Family Photographs - 1

picture 3

  the Whicker clan at Hadley Friends meeting in the mid-2000s. Harriet Whicker's children David, Nancy, John, Harriet, Barbara Jane, Dick, and Janet seated center (with fond memories of Mike).

picture 8

  Wickers and Hadleys together 1983: seated: Mike Whicker holding Melissa Whicker, Janet Stephenson, Nancy Sutton, Charles Whicker, Harriet Whicker, Nelle Hadley, Ruth Huffman, Ruth Leach, Dick Whicker, Barbara Jane Peters, Dave Whicker back row: Liz Whicker, Bill Sutton, Gary Sutton, Mary Sutton, Jay Sutton, Jody Whicker, Mike Peters, Suzanne Whicker

picture 14

  Wickers and Hadleys together 1978: standing Janet Stephenson, Liz Whicker, Mike Whicker holding baby Kathy, Jody Whicker, Dick Whicker, Nancy Sutton, Gary Sutton, Jay Sutton, Harriet Whicker with Nelle Hadley seated, Ruth Huffman, Barbara Jane Peters, Mike Peters, Heather Peters, Dave Whicker, Suzanne Whicker, Charles Whicker, John Whicker holding Jennifer, Jolin Whicker.


  2002 Hadley celebration (l to r): children on grass: Luke Stephenson, Drake Whicker, Dakota Smith, Dalton Smith, Hadley Whicker, Jade Burchett, Chloe Whicker, Alida Jackson and the dog Dot;

seated: Wayne Rutledge, Rosalie Rutledge, Suzanne Rutledge Whicker, David Whicker, Janet Musgrave, Agnes Hadley, Sallie Furkins, Nancy Whicker Sutton, Harriet Whicker, Mildred Good, Donald Good, Beulah Springer, George Springer, Mary Beth Springer Burch, Kathy Oliver holding Charity Oliver, Liz Whicker Adler holding Michael Oliver, Mark Smitherman;

standing: Doug Whicker holding Aubree Whicker, Abby Whicker, Mary Duke, Bill Duke, Dana Duke Fruits, Paul Fruits, Juanita Husientruet, Bob Musgrave, Diane Hadley, Clark Hadley, Lindsay Hadley, Bill Sutton, Janet Whicker Stephenson, Barbara Jane Whicker Peters holding Hallie Jackson, Heather Peters Jackson, Carolyn Good Goff, Virginia Good Moore, Bob Moore, Hugh Hanlin, Dustin Hanlin, Ruth Ann Hanlin, Andrew Burch, Eric Oliver, Roger Ader, Melissa Whicker, Greg Whicker, Brian Whicker, Nathan Peters;

behind on steps first row: Mike Peters, Mike Jackson, Tom Mullen (guest speaker), Mike Moore, Becki Moore, (behind) Marilyn Bigelow, Andrea Stephenson, Chuck Stephenson;

behind on steps second row: Jimmy Comer, Annette Stephenson Maier holding Ethan Maier, Andy Maier, Bonnita Whicker, Tim Whicker, Jacquelyn Stephenson, Jane Stephenson, Sue Whitesel (pastor), Allan Whitesel, Jake Lukas

picture 2

  in 1993 standing: Michelle and Jay Sutton, Gary and Mary Sutton. seated: Bill and Nancy Sutton holding Gary and Mary's baby Mike Sutton

picture 3

  Suzanne and David Whicker with sons Steve, Tim and Doug Whicker circa 1978

picture 8

  2016 Boston Marathon dinner: (l to r) Tim and Bonnita Whicker, Suzanne Whicker, Pat Huffman and Varetta and Jonathan Mayes, Dave Whicker, Larry Huffman

picture 1

  John and Jolin Whicker with Seth, Jennifer and Eric

picture 8

  Janet Stephenson with Jacquelyn, Chuck and Jane Stephenson holding Luke and Andrea Stephenson circa 1999

picture 8

  2015: Luke Stephenson with Philadelphia family: (l to r) Bobby Junkin, Larry Huffman, Ruth Leach, Chip Junkin, Katherine Borash, Susan Junkin, Luke Stephenson

picture 8

  Josh Whicker and Stephanie Jo with Debbie and Dick Whicker circa 2013

picture 10

  Peters family circa 2013: standing: Hallie Jackson, Heather Jackson, Michael Jackson holding Tillman Peters, Lily Jackson, family friend Dave Mullins, Nathan and Amanda Peters. seated: Mike Peters holding Lucy Jackson and Noel Peters, Harriet Whicker, Shirley Peters (Mike's mother) kneeling: Barbara Jane Peters and Alida Jackson

picture 9

  Eric Oliver and Kathy Whicker Oliver (who met at Purdue) with kids: Joseph, Sara, Charity, Katiana, Jonathan, Bethany and Michael Oliver

picture 9

  left: summer 1951: standing Jim Huffman and David Whicker with dog. on grass: Dick Whicker, Nancy Whicker holding baby Barbara Jane Whicker, Janet Whicker.
  right circa 1953: upper: John and David Whicker, lower: Dick and Barbara Jane Whicker

picture 5

  Mike Whicker in 1959

picture 6

  2006: Chloe Rae Whicker, Ethan Maier, Harriet Whicker, Drake Allen Whicker and Hadley Grace Whicker (that Indiana sun can be bright!)

picture 6

  1951: Dick Whicker, Harriet Whicker holding baby Barbara Jane, Janet Whicker

picture 6

  Thanksgiving 1975: Jolin holding baby Jennifer and Barbara Jane holding baby Heather

picture 4

  John Whicker with his prize cow circa 1953


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